A Prototype Skills Map

One old job advert may be of little use. But millions of these adverts can provide a detailed picture of the latest skills needed in hundreds of different occupations.

This simple tool aims to show the potential value in old job adverts. For each occupation the tool provides a Skills Map using millions of UK job adverts.

To get started, enter your job title below and then choose the closest occupation group.

Which skills are employers asking for?

Which skills are now mentioned more frequently?

How tech heavy is your job?

Which skills are now mentioned less frequently?

Which occupations require similar skills to yours?

Were you able to find your occupation?

Were the skills relevant to your job?

Not all jobs are advertised online and while job adverts can provide useful information, it is difficult to accurately extract skills and place the job adverts into occupation groups. Resulting errors can reduce the value of the information provided.

This article discusses the potential value of an automated Skills Map for both UK workers and policy makers. The article also identifies the key hurdles to ensuring that the information in the map is as accurate and useful as possible.